A swathe of willowherb

Sometimes you visit somewhere close to home and wonder why on earth you don’t go more regularly. This was exactly how I felt after a recent family walk at Credenhill Park Wood, owned and managed by the Woodland Trust. Despite being just a short drive from home, it is not somewhere we have ventured for several years.

On a sunny day in late June, the warm glades in the woods were busy with butterflies of many different species. Red admirals, Commas, Small tortoiseshells and Large whites fluttered by and - most spectacularly of all - stunning orange Silver-washed fritillaries danced through the treetops and down over our heads.

Emerging from the woods and onto the top of the Iron Age hillfort in the centre of the site, we were greeted with the amazing spectacle of a seemingly endless swathe of flowering Rosebay willowherb, stretching away into the distance. The pink flowers framed every view between the trees to the low-lying farmland and distant hills beyond.

We will definitely be returning soon.

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